Blog Vs. Website: Which Is Right For You?

by on August 2, 2010

A blog is a type of website just as forums, membership sites and online communities are types of websites.  A blog, forum, membership site or online community can be a component of a larger website or they can stand alone as a website.  Many businesses operate one or more standalone blogs to promote their business, increase online visibility, provide customer service, generate leads and more.

What Do a Blog & Website Have In Common?

  • Both are published on the internet
  • Both are published on a domain or URL that can be accessed by visitors/readers
  • Both are typically indexed/crawled/seen by search engines
  • Both can contain information on your company, products & services
  • Both can contain e-commerce functionality enabling site visitors to make purchases
  • Both should utilize search engine optimization techniques

How Are a Blog & Website Different?

Characteristics of a Traditional Website:

  • Typically used to provide company information and info on products & services much like a brochure, capabilities overview or spec sheet
  • Relatively static meaning that the information on a website is not changed or updated very often
  • Content is typically viewed by the reader as promotional and/or informative
  • Communication is one-sided as the company is the only one publishing the content

Characteristics of a Business Blog:

  • Primary purpose is to provide non-promotional information that your target market or ideal customer is interested in and searching for on the internet
  • Most successful when it is updated several times a week with fresh, quality content
  • Content is educational, entertaining, inspiring and interactive therefore it is typically more appealing to a site visitor and makes them more likely to return to your site (via bookmarking or subscribing to new blog posts)
  • Communication is two-sided because readers can write comments or questions at the end of a blog post
  • Blog post authors can respond to questions and comments
  • Typically indexed more frequently by search engines because it is updated regularly and therefore not seen (by the search engines) as stale content
  • It’s easier to brand your company as an industry expert with a blog than it is a static website because you provide regular blog posts that showcase your knowledge & areas of expertise
  • An established blog contains more pages than a website therefore a blog can have more pages indexed and shown in search engine results
  • Bloggers and webmasters frequently link to useful blog posts which is VERY good for the search engine ranking of your blog

So which is right for you? A blog, a traditional website or a hybrid of the two?  Before you decide, read 10 Questions to Answer Before You Start a Blog and blog posts from our Blogging Category.  You can learn about our Blog Design & Blogging Services on our main website.


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