How To Shorten Facebook URL’s

by on June 29, 2009

The original Facebook URL’s for a personal profile or a fan page are quite long making it hard to verbally tell someone how to get to your Facebook profile/page.   These Facebook URL’s are also too long to put on a business card or in online profiles where you want to provide a link.

Facebook just started allowing people to “claim” a custom username or vanity URL for both their Personal Profiles and their Fan Pages.  If you didn’t get the vanity URL you wanted, there is nothing else you can do!

Hold on, wait a minute…there are several ways to get around this:

1. Use the Facebook application “Memorable Web Addresses” to create a shorter, easier to remember URL.   I created one a while back but then noticed that the link did not always work.  Not surprising since many applications are very finicky.

2. Use a service like to shorten your Facebook URL.  This will work, but option #3 is even better.

3. Purchase a descriptive domain name and forward it to the URL for your Facebook Personal Profile or your Facebook Fan Page.  You can purchase a domain through GoDaddy for about $10 per year so this is an inexpensive solution.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kimberly Yow
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