Why You Need a Business Blog

by Kimberly Yow on May 1, 2009

I am frequently asked, “what is a blog?” and “why should I have one?”

A blog is basically a journal on the internet where you share thoughts, ideas, information, videos, photos, etc…  What you are reading right now is a single blog post that is on my blog.  Blogs are extremely important for a business because they allow you to share “useful” information about your:

  • industry
  • products & services
  • events
  • specials or sales
  • rate changes
  • & more

Maintaining a business blog gives you the following benefits:

  • greater visibility in search engines
  • increased traffic to your website
  • a place where you can receive & respond to customer’s comments or questions
  • a way to humanize your company by having employees post blogs & respond to customers
  • a forum for sharing your expertise and helping others

The key to having a successful business blog is sharing information that is timely, interesting, relevant to your industry and helpful to your customers.  If the information you share does not help them or educate them in some way, they will stop reading your blog.  One thing you can do in your blog, is answer a Frequently Asked Question…like I’ve done in this post.

Before you start blogging, you should read my blog post titled “10 Questions to Answer Before You Start a Blog“.

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Kimberly Yow


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