10 Questions to Answer Before You Start a Blog

by Kimberly Yow on March 18, 2009

There is an ever increasing number of blogs that are started and then abandoned within a very short time frame.  This is typically because the company or person that started the blog didn’t have a blogging plan and/or they didn’t have a passion for the blog’s main focus.

Before you start a business blog, you need to have a corporate blogging plan.  It should include answers to the following:

  1. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
  2. Who in your company likes to write and would enjoy blogging?
  3. Will multiple employees produce blog posts?
  4. How many times per week will you post a blog?
  5. How long will your blog posts be?
  6. Will you always write original content or will you also post links to useful information?
  7. What topics will you write about?  (Get a notepad and actually brainstorm a list of blog topics that you can always draw upon.)
  8. Will you place advertising on your blog once it is established?
  9. Are you committed to maintaining a blog on a weekly basis?
  10. Do you have the resources in-house to maintain your blog or do you need to outsource it?

Business blogs are pure content.  And that content needs to attract your target market, get and keep them interested, inspire or inform them and keep them coming back for more.  Ultimately, you want your readers to subscribe to your blog’s RSS Feed so they are automatically fed your latest blog posts.  (No relying on them to bookmark your blog and remember to return to it.)

A successful blog can increase your visibility on the internet, establish you as an expert in your field, drive traffic to your website, increase your sales leads and provide you with an additional means of promoting your products or services.  Increase your chances of a great pay-off by developing your blogging plan BEFORE you start your blog.  Once you have your blogging plan, all you need to do is produce great content on a consistent basis and your blog will be off and running.

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